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Mr. Kaustubh
I find the place I am living very good. The property manager is quite professional and has attended some minor issues very well. I received all the furnishing and were nicely maintained. Love the way SimplyMoveIn has the properties without deposits and brokerage. I would recommend others also to take the SimplyMoveIn properties.
Mr. Tejas
Very satisfied with the property and the no deposit policy. Its the best thing for me as I have been on a project here and again need to go back. My wife and children also came for visit, the place for them was also arranged in the property. The food quality is quite satisfactory. With the building having power backup, I was at ease even during excessive power cuts.
Mr. Vishrut Raichur
Prompt and very good service, i moved in within hours, rooms are clean tidy and well maintained. the best price you can find.
Avisikta Aditya
It's a great and hassle free arrangement for people who are new in town. Services are good, living conditions are tidy. Good job
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